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Jonathan Warm Day - Taos Pueblo Painter, Author

In my work… I hope to help preserve a record of the traditional life of our
people and to educate those who know little of us, desiring that increased
knowledge and understanding will help all of us to live better with
one another and with the natural world.
— Jonathan Warm Day

The outstanding works of art in the collection of the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, known as the home of the National Collection of Contemporary Indian Art, consists of nearly 6,500 objects of art created by IAIA students, alumni and faculty of the Institute as well as works of many well known contemporary Native American artists.



Jonathan Warm Day at the Harwood Museum of Art

Eah-Ha-Wa (Eva Mirabal) and Jonathan Warm Day Coming at the Harwood Museum, Taos Jonathan Warm Day's New Book - Excerpt

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